Terms of use

Simplyk is a platform allowing organizations to receive donations or other types of payment online. Simplyk also allows individuals to find organizations to volunteer for them.

By using the site, you agree to respect and be bound by the conditions of service and use. Note that these conditions are applicable to your use of the site, regardless of whether you register an account as a Simplyk member. If you disagree with the terms of use, you will unfortunately have to stop using the site.

Email: [email protected]

Simplyk reserves the right to update the terms of use. Simplyk notifies all organizations by email of any updates to the conditions. It is the responsibility of other users of the site to keep abreast of updates


1. You must be human, not a robot is allowed 2. You must submit a valid email address 3. You are responsible for keeping your password safe 4. By using the service you must not make intolerant, or contrary to the law 5. Simplyk verifies that each organization is a real institution based on the organization's website. If this website is false or misleading, Simplyk can not be held responsible. Also, as a minor you will always need to notify a parent before you go to an activity. You will need to get permission from your parents or guardian before you can send any personal information to Simplyk. 6. You use the matching site at your own risk. Simplyk will not be liable for any damages caused by simplyk content, volunteer activity or the journey to get there. 7. You can not modify or hack the service 8. By participating in volunteer opportunities, you give simplyk permission to post photos of your volunteering activities on its site and on social media. You will always be notified when this is the case, and you can ask that it not be done.

Make a donation 9. When you give money to an organization, you can receive a refund from Simplyk within 48 hours. After this date, you will need to contact the organization directly. 10. If the organization has a charitable number and has configured the number, you will receive a charity receipt by email when you make a donation. 11. When you make a donation, you agree that the organization will be made aware of your personal information, even if you decide not to give it the right to communicate and contact you. 12. In no event shall Simplyk contact a donor or ticket buyer. If Simplyk believes that an error in the transaction or a breach of the terms of use may have occurred, Simplyk always contacts the organization first before contacting the donor if necessary. 13. Simplyk sends receipts for tax purposes to all donors or purchasers of tickets who have had a receipt generated by Simplyk. 14. Simplyk reserves the right to communicate to all non-Nonprofit users who agree to be contacted explicitly.


1. You must be a human, no robots are allowed. 2. You must submit a valid email address 3. You are responsible for keeping your password safe 4. The content you post as an organization becomes accessible to everyone, and you are responsible for that content. Simplyk reserves the right to modify or delete it if Simplyk deems it intolerant, incomprehensible, or inappropriate 5. Simplyk is not responsible for damages that a volunteer could cause to the organization 6. You can not modify or hack the service 7. When you are registered and validated as a social economy enterprise, you can automatically receive donations from Simplyk. You can edit or delete this donation form to remove the possibility of making a donation. 8. An organization can redirect to its Simplyk donation page, for example with a "GIVE" button on your website. 9. An organization cannot enter donor information in place of donors on its donation form. 10. If a donor chooses anonymity by making a donation, you must respect their anonymity. WHO CAN ASK VOLUNTEERS Any organization and citizen community can ask for volunteers if Simplyk is able to ensure through the information on the web or directly, the authenticity of the structure, the mission, and the good intentions of the groups. Private companies are allowed to search for volunteers if they are able to prove that volunteer work falls into the categories accepted below. Only social enterprises (NPOs, mutuals or co-ops) will be able to call on minors. Example of accepted INC business: Bon App ', whose mission is to reduce food waste through a network of fridges to share fruits and vegetables. The work of volunteers will aim to create, directly or indirectly:

1. A more socially responsible and environmentally responsible society. 2. A more caring society for the poor. 3. A happier society, with more sports or cultural activities accessible to all. Volunteers should not be asked for 4. Promote political ideas 5. Promote religious ideas 6. Make money

WHO CAN RECEIVE DONATIONS Any social economy enterprise (NPO, Coop, etc.) can request donations. Simplyk checks, as for volunteer applications, that the person who registered the organization is working well at this organization. Simplyk relies on the organization's website or facebook page to verify its merits. Only charities can generate tax receipts by Simplyk. Simplyk does not verify the authenticity of the provided charity number. The organization is responsible for providing truthful information. When you receive money, you can see it directly on your simplyk account. You will be able to receive funds by direct deposit seven days after payments. If you do not provide the information within 90 days after the first payment received, without giving an acceptable reason, Simplyk reimburses the donors.

Simplyk has the right to refuse an Organization that does not have a charitable number, if Simplyk considers that the work of the organization goes against the values of solidarity of Simplyk.

RESPECT FOR PRIVACY Simplyk will not disclose user information in an identifiable and individual manner. No personal data from a volunteer user, organization, or parent will be shared with any organization. Simplyk, however, reserves the right to analyze the data in order to offer personalized volunteer opportunities.

Simplyk can also freely contact each organization or volunteers who registers on the site, until the person asks to be no longer contacted.

Simplyk does not contact donors or ticket buyers as explained in the "13" point for Donors.


1. Simplyk is and will always remain free for organizations 2. Simplyk is and will always be free for volunteers 3. No fees are charged on donations made to organizations. 4. When a person donates through the site, a tip to support Simplyk's mission is suggested.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY The original design created by Simplyk (Images, Html, Css, Javascript) is intellectual property of Simplyk. You do not have the right to copy parts and reuse parts.


1. You have the right to delete your account

2. To delete your account you must contact simplyk to request a deletion of the account. All your information will be irretrievably deleted.